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The benchmark


Cormant (pistachio)


Highlighting the Hazelnuts of the Excellent this year








Cushion Akbari


Mazafi Saravan


Sesame Oil


Hashemi's Iranian rice


Five -star Tarom rice


North Fajr rice


Excellent Kalat rice




Cashew (Vietnamese ww320) Premium quality in 20 kg cartons


Cashew (Indian ww320) Premium quality in 20 kg cartons


5 kg premium quality raisins


Acid yellow raisins excellent quality 5 kg


Premium quality green raisins in 5 kg packages


Iraninan Premium quality walnut


Premium quality current year pecan


Premium quality Bulgarian walnut


Chile walnut premium quality


Premium quality luxury white walnut


Premium quality white walnut kernels


Premium quality Luxurious stewed walnut kernel


Premium quality stewed walnut kernels


Premium quality walnut kernels


Keifiat Momtaz Iranian almond kernels


Zarim Almond kernels of foreign Keifiat Momtaz


Almond Manqa Moheb Keifiat Momtaz


Keifiat Momtaz peanuts


Akbari pistachio of Keifiat Momtaz


Ahmad Aghaei pistachio of Keifiat Momtaz


Keifiat Momtaz hazelnut pistachio


Keifiat momtaz yedon pistachio


Keifiat Momtaz Salem luxury pistachio kernel


Salem pistachio kernel of Keifiat Momtaz


Keifiat Momtaz Iranian raisins


Keifiat Momtaz Aghan raisins


Uzbek raisins of Keifiat momtaz


Keifiat Momtaz chalghuz


Broken cashews of premium quality


Keifiat Momtaz puffed barberry


Doa, Se A and Tak A figs of Keifiat Momtaz


Kefiat Momtaz Pumpkin seed kernels


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