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Iran as one of the most important countries in Middle east in terms of Energy, geopoliticals approaches, transportation and high-tech technologies with more than 3000 industrials areas and access to Caspian sea as a very important sea and also Persian golf one of the critical trading points whith more than 30 International porst, is one of the appealing countries for providing vast types of products like stones, food, Petroleum and chemical productsو Fabrics and textiles and so on.
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Arkarno with more than 6 offices throughout Iran and 30 offices in 20 countries ,also more than 20 years experinces in International trading, has got all you need for trading with Iran

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What is exactly? is an open platform. Every producers who can provide everything can sell theirs products in it. Many shops and industries buy their needs from this vast online bazaar. Every single day,there are many new products that add to this platfom by vendors themeselves.

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